Ban alcohol. Try calling to ban ‘tuak’ during Gawai! Just try, PAS!

Pas sokong Tun M demi maslahat rakyat

I challenge PAS Information chief Kamaruzaman Mohamad 👆 to tell the Sarawak Government to ban “tuak” during the coming Gawai Dayak festival.

If you are not up to it, Kamaruzaman, then use your brain the next time you ask to ban this and that. Now alcohol, next gambling, after that, tobacco. What’s else?

We have enough of PAS nonsense.

Earlier today, I wrote this quick statement to a reporter who asked for my comments on the PAS/alcohol issue. 👇

A “ridiculous and nonsensical” proposal from PAS Information chief Kamaruzaman Mohamad.

‘Banning all sales licences of alcohol beverages in convenience stores’ so as to stop drink driving? How pathetic is that!

Why not ban all motorcycles and cars on the road? Then there will be zero road accidents.

MoCS doubts the sincerity of his statement and views it as an attempt by this young PAS leader to highlight his Islamic credentials. Perhaps, to hasten his climb up the PAS hierarchy.

Now it’s alcohol. Next will likely be gambling. Then, he will pick on certain entertainment shows and even some eateries which he does not like.

We have heard enough of such nonsense from PAS and we wish to advise Kamaruzaman to stop politicising such issues.

A ban on alcohol is not the answer to the problem of drink-driving. Stricter laws and enforcement are. We will support even a life sentence for drunk drivers who caused fatal accidents. They must be punished severely.

If Kamaruzaman wishes to help in curbing road mishaps, he could start by encouraging Mat Rempits (motorcycle stunt riders) to give up such a dangerous thrill-seeking hobby.

Many Mat Rempits had lost their lives and their increasing number continue to pose a danger to other motorists.

Banning alcohol also infringes on the rights of people of different tenets and beliefs and Kamaruzaman should take note that in plural Malaysia, no one religion is more superior than the other.

Malaysians have co-existed in peace and harmony because they tolerate, respect and celebrate the different religious and cultural practices of each other.

  • Francis Paul Siah, MoCS
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  1. Edwin says:

    If there’s anyone tarnishing Islam – it’s PAS.

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