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Anwar and I discussed the corruption in Selangor 7 years ago

Seven years ago back in 2010 I revealed that there is corruption in Selangor and they called me a liar. Today they finally admit there is corruption. Even Faekah who challenged me to prove it now says that the Selangor … Continue reading

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A typical night out in KL

“Selangor impossible. In fact, Selangor is pulling back many datukships. Quite a few already pulled back. Even for Negeri it’s now impossible. In the past it was only RM250,000 for a Negeri datukship. Now no way even how much you … Continue reading

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PASMA: Anwar’s secret weapon against PAS

With the emergence of PASMA, PKR and DAP can kick PAS out of the coalition and tell the ulama’ to go to hell. Hence the survival of PAS depends on how well PASMA performs in the next two or three … Continue reading

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DAP tells the sultan to fuck off

Tidak sopan dan biadap, as the Malays would say. I think the opposition and opposition NGOs and lawyers are getting too big for their shoes. They think that just because they won the state in 2008 and 2013 they no … Continue reading

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How I would bring Najib down

  Now, if I wanted to bring down Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak I would do exactly what they did to Tunku Abdul Rahman almost 50 years ago. And what I see in Malaysia today is a repeat of what … Continue reading

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When I asked to join DAP

And from that day I became a pariah in the eyes of the Pakatan Rakyat supporters. The issue they raise is that I had ‘turned away’ from Pakatan Rakyat. I think it is more like Pakatan Rakyat that had ‘turned … Continue reading

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The value of a Muslim oath

The Malays/Muslims have just reduced the value of a Muslim oath to zero value. Can we any longer trust Malays/Muslims when they swear an oath in the name of Allah while holding a Qur’an? No wonder Malays/Muslims swear an oath … Continue reading

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