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Open letter to ISIS from a Muslim woman

© David Ramos via Getty Images PARIS ATTACKS FRANCE No, you don’t scare me, because I love life, I love it too much for you to make me shudder in fear, I love it too much for you to intimidate … Continue reading

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OH SNAP! Dyana Sofya replies Puteri Umno’s criticism with aplomb

Dyana Sofya’s Marie Claire shoot Written by Ashraf Wahab Dyana Sofya – in past year, the DAP politician’s fame has seen a meteoric rise. Despite losing in the Teluk Intan by-election in May last year, the political secretary to DAP … Continue reading

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Dad — the man behind Dewi’s success

by Rintos Mail ELDERS say behind every successful man, there is a woman. Then, there are also people saying behind every successful person, there’s a mentor. That mentor can be a father, mother, brother, sister, husband or wife. Yudhi Seriestha … Continue reading

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A glimpse at prostitution

Boo Su-Lyn is a feminist who loves reading fiction. She tweets at @boosulyn. OPINION: I did some research on prostitution recently and found a website that reviews prostitutes in Malaysia. For the uninitiated, the website will seem like a confusing mess … Continue reading

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Chastity tests violate women’s privacy and demean them

    Cecilia Jeyanthi Victor PETALING JAYA: Why would one want to face the humiliation of going through a “virginity test” to enter the police force? In Indonesia, women who want to be cops have no choice but to undergo a … Continue reading

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Malaysia’s first female Muslim MMA fighter named one of TIME’s Next Generation Leaders

By Akil Yunus PETALING JAYA: Ann Osman (pic), Malaysia’s first female Muslim Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter to compete at the top level, has been named as one of TIME magazine’s new class of Next Generation Leaders. Speaking to TIME’s … Continue reading

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Indonesia’s First Lady wants to be her own woman

First Lady Iriana does not flaunt designer bags and shuns make-up artists, but her unembellished dressing has won praise from many Indonesians. By Zubaidah Nazeer, Indonesia Correspondent In Jakarta IT TAKES a lot of confidence for a woman … Continue reading

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A woman shows a little cleavage. So, you have a problem with that?

      Sonia Ramachandran QUICK TAKE: India’s leading English newspaper The Times of India on Sept 14 landed itself in hot water when it decided to publish a photo and tweet about one of Bollywood’s leading ladies and highest paid actresses … Continue reading

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Malay women browbeaten into submission

By Mariam Mokhtar COMMENT: It is hard work if you are born a woman in Malaysia. When you rise to the top of your career, you are accused of bitching or sleeping your way to the top. If you are … Continue reading

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Women behaving badly or simply being mistreated?

Mariam Mokhtar OUTSPOKEN: Some Malaysian men fear women, but do they despise women or do they fear their own weaknesses? Years ago, one polygamist showed his ignorance of women. He had no clue about building stable relationships, far less about … Continue reading

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