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  1. frank chang says:

    Kong Hee Fatt Choi Francis, I am now in Perth. Once the election date has been fixed I will surely go back to vote. This time we have to kick the BN out for good. Cheers

  2. Samuel Radang says:

    Will radio freeSarawak make its presence felt during this coming state election? Let those who discredit us feel the heat. Be heard, stand with your head held high, free Sarawak. We may not be able to kick the BN for the time being, but with gained momentum from your good cause, that day will never be far off. I will live to see that day come come true. Enough is enough, let’s spread the fight against corruption, and land grabbing politicians. No more hanging of pigs to appease the gods, after all who would have believed the folly of the one suggesting the ritual, yet it happened. Taking into consideration their greed, I doubt if the took the carcass of the hanged pigs too, instead of give them as an offering to appease the gods. Let’s together show this politician the exit door, ONCE AND FOR ALL. Long live Sarawak, freedom for all.

  3. Lejo Merit says:

    We salute you for being very precisely in pointing out all Taib’s crime conducts in this beloved state. This man is a man of Satan or even worse than Satan.

  4. steven says:

    Dear Francis,
    Appreciate you and your team for the perseverances.
    Sarawak need more of people like you.
    Like King said: Evil is too little good people taking actions.
    Honestly, the best announcement is going to the streets in Sarawak all over the cities and towns and villages.
    Big bulk of the interior people are in the dark , what it is all about.
    Peace and Blessing to you and your team.

  5. Awang Abdillah Awang Nasar says:

    Walking towards true democracy
    Democracy is a political system of a country that recognizes the ultimate political power of the country is vested in the people.The political power vested is in the form of the (universal ) democratic rights that the people hold . To enable such a political system to function , these rights should be practised by the people themselves , and executed accordingly by all the 3 branches of the elected government including its’ agencies in the relevant national and state matters .Such political system works well in many Western countries in promoting the economic well being of the people and the free economic enterprise system, and has the capability to resolve many nations’ ills . In a true democratic country ,the political power of an elected government should be subservient to that of the people i.e. the elected government’s duties and responsibilities should not contravene specially the democratic wishes and demands of its’ master . Hence the nation’s laws made by the lawmakers should uphold the democratic voice of the people who elect them in the first place . Without the people ,there is no Parliament or State Assembly ,and without these two institutions there are no lawmakers .In Western democratic countries the people not only decide who will form the government and the opposition respectively i.e. who will sit in the Parliament but they can reverse the fate of the political party in power by booting it out in the next national election.
    The proofs that an elected government should be subservient to the people’s power are proven in the following standard democratic practices and procedures where Malaysia a nation that practises a half-baked democratic system fails to comply –
    1 In any national or state election the people’s power is supreme in deciding who should be chosen and elected to form the government and the opposition respectively
    2. The elected government then would carry out its’ duties and responsibilities according to the mandate expressed by the people
    3 The Parliament or the Dewan Undangan Negeri should conduct its’ sessions according to standard democratic principles and practices ,where the voice of every elected representative is heard and not muzzled
    4 Public agencies specially the print and electronic media, MACC and even the police must give priority to the wishes and demands of the people and the nation over that of the elected government especially where conflicts of interests occur between the two.
    5 In the event that the elected government fails to carry out its’ duties and responsibilities to the nation, the people can display their ultimate political power – execute their democratic rights openly and directly – hold public talks ,dialogue, forum , assembly , march , rally and the like peacefully. This is the proof that it is the people who hold the ultimate political power in a true democratic country.
    A public/people’s gathering such as a rally can have many noble objectives – to call for reforms , to hold peaceful demonstrations to put pressure on the authorities ,to march for a cause , to assemble the supporters, etc . All these are directly executed by the legal holders of the ultimate political power in a country.
    Public rally to be held on 9th july 2011 by BERSIH 2.0
    The federal government of Malaysia being elected by the voters, is getting jittery by the day in view of the recent and current international political developments of democratic or military-led governments , where events point to the unmistaken movement towards true democracy which clearly display that the people’s ultimate power will defeat the power of elected or even military ruled governments. Our elected government is running out of options to stop the gigantic march .The people are generally not supportive of the government anymore. Their only option is to use the police force to arrest the leaders of the rally and as many of the supporters , thereby leaving the followers without direction .In many countries including our neighours ,using both the police and the army failed to stop the people’s power. Come 9th july 2011 if the police can thwart the march by mass arrest ,then the supporters and followers can still sieve through the police net by not marching towards true democracy but literally walk towards true democracy . As many citizens of Malaysia including Sarawak should come out any time on 9 july 2011 from 8 am to 6 pm wearing yellow shirts or yellow armband or headband to show their support to BERSIH 2.0 .They can just walk in the cities , in the streets ,in the kampongs ,parks or any public places.There is no reason for the police to arrest a person who is just walking around . To prove that the walk towards democracy does not disrupt but rather promotes people’s businesses ,the walkers of democracy can later on ‘land’ on the food outlets in the cities and kampongs for refreshments and relaxation . I call on all Sarawakians to walk towards true democracy tomorrow the 9th july 2011 in support of BERSIH 2.0 . Thank you.

  6. wong k p says:

    Taib had robbed a lot of NCR land from the natives. Let me tell those here that state lands belong to the Dayak too since Borneo island is also called Land of the Dayak.

    Tell the satan Taib that he should forget about cheating and bullying the natives of Sarawak.

  7. shadowmode says:

    Started on Friday, 24.2 2012. This is an open page to discuss the current issues and educate about the history of Sabah and Sarawak before and after the formation of the Federation of Malaysia. What would the future be for the Federation?

  8. Gooi Sai Kaan says:

    Dato Jeffrey is invited to our press conference tomorrow, and discuss how to united in between Malaysian Independent Coalition(Maico) in coming eletion! our time is 12/12/12 12noon at 37-2, Jalan Angsana 1, Tmn Bkt Anggerik Cheras, 56000 KL. contract Gooi Sai Kaan 016-2333699, i hope to receive your good respond and maybe dato can lead us! sorry for late invitation! I hope Dato Can fly here tomorrow! Pls give me phone number also!

  9. Aidil Azim says:

    hello…i take one of your Lim Kit Siang’s image for commercial purpose. Thank you

  10. 012222 says:

    Hi, it’s terrible to hear what happened to Regina. I wish her family and loved ones strength through this horrible time. I’d like to point out an error in your article “Standing in the eyes of the world for all the wrong reasons, Posted on July 12, 2014” The image alongside Regina is of Gareth Huntley, someone unrelated to Regina and what happened to her. What happened to Gareth was also a devastating tragedy and by using his photo in this article is not only insensitive but also gives a false implication that he had something to do with her incident.

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