Najib’s ‘third world’ aid for US economy cracks up Mahathir



INTERVIEW | Dr Mahathir Mohamad was unable to hold back his laughter when quizzed on Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s pledge to help strengthen the United States economy.

“Hah, this is the first time that a Third World country wants to support the richest country in the world to develop its infrastructure.

“The US can help itself, it doesn’t need our help. But this is Najib’s principle of ‘cash is king’,” Mahathir told Malaysiakini in an interview today.

The former prime minister accused Najib of taking the Malaysian people’s money and giving it to US President Donald Trump to secure his support.

“But Trump did not say anything about Najib being the best prime minister,” he added.

Najib had made the remark about strengthening the US economy during his meeting with Trump at the White House on Tuesday.

Among the deals the two leaders agreed on was that the Malaysian aviation industry would purchase between US$10 billion and US$20 billion worth of US-made passenger planes and aircraft engines. Continue reading

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Let him rot in jail, netizens say of ‘monster dad’

PETALING JAYA: Netizens say the 48 years in jail a divorcee was sentenced to for incest were insufficient.

“Only 48 years? He’s only 36 and another 48 will make him only 84! The devil like this even a grandfather will do the same thing to other innocent kids when he is released!” said Facebook user Catherine Vanessa Liew.

Norbahira Mohamad Nor also lamented about the 48 years’ jail sentence.

“48 years only? Why not max sentence 20 years times 600++ rapes? Let him rot in jail,” she said.

On Friday, the man, who is a unit trust agent and father of three girls pleaded guilty to 623 charges of sexually abusing and sodomising his 15-year-old daughter. He was jailed a total of 48 years and ordered to be whipped 24 times for committing incest, physical sexual assault without intercourse, abusing, neglecting, sexually abusing the child and for sodomising the victim.

Rachel Thong said the jail term was insufficient for the crimes he had committed on his own daughter. Continue reading

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Kit Siang: Harapan to capture Putrajaya, Johor and Malacca in GE14

With mounting speculation that the 14th General Election will be called soon, DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang has outlined his three personal objectives for Pakatan Harapan.

“I have three personal objectives in GE14 – for Pakatan Harapan to capture power in Putrajaya, Johor and Malacca,” Lim said at a coffee shop ceramah in Malacca this morning.

Lim recalled that when he first left the state in 1986 to contest the Tanjong parliamentary seat, DAP’s aim was only to try and capture the Penang state government.

“That was the highest political ambition of the DAP three decades ago.

“But we did not succeed in capturing the Penang state government in the 1990 and 1995 general elections, although we laid the basis for the DAP’s eventual win in the 2008 and 2013 general elections,” he said. Continue reading

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PETALING JAYA: Datuk Samuri Juraimi, the founder of the popular Sate Kajang Hj Samuri, passed away at about 12.05am Saturday. He was 73.

Samuri began his satay business in 1992 when he opened a stall in Kajang which has since flourished into multiple premises.

Sate Kajang Hj Samuri is now well-known with 19 shops in major towns and strategic highway rest stops across Selangor. Continue reading

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Why are you treating us this way, pastor’s wife asks IGP

susanne-igp PETALING JAYA: The wife of Pastor Raymond Koh today slammed Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar over the investigation into her husband’s disappearance, calling the public announcements on the case vague, inconsistent and “bordering on sensationalist”.

In an open letter to Khalid, who retires in less than a week, Susanna Liew noted that tomorrow would mark 200 days since Koh was abducted.

“We are devastated. What makes it worse is the way you and the police under your command have treated us, Raymond’s family, while conducting investigations into his abduction.”

She said the public claims made by Khalid since April about developments in the case had been riddled with inconsistencies “that raise more questions than answers and doubts about the authorities’ commitment to properly investigate this case”.

She also hit out at Khalid’s advice to the family not to speak about the case to the media.

“I am bewildered as to why you have chosen to ignore your own advice,” she said. Continue reading

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Mahathir: I am a threat to the nation in Najib’s Malaysia

mahathir KUALA LUMPUR: Saying he is now considered a threat to the nation, Dr Mahathir Mohamad predicts more instances of thuggery.

The PPBM chairman also said, in his latest blogpost, that it did not make sense to blame the fracas at the Nothing to Hide 2 forum on PPBM members, and that police could easily identify the troublemakers by viewing the videos of the recent incident.

The former prime minister also urged the police to be fair in investigating the fracas.

“We seem to have entered into a new phase in the effort of (Prime Minister) Najib Razak’s supporters to ensure there would be no opposition to his continued premiership of this nation.”

He said a group of young people stopped the forum by acts of violence and that Umno leaders, who were not present, were quick to claim that the thugs were members of Armada, the organisers of the forum. Continue reading

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Mr Prime Minister, look at warning signs, too, not just your feats

Tricia-Yeoh_najib_talk_600© P

By Tricia Yeoh

Mr Prime Minister, last week you gave an outstanding speech to international investors at the Invest Malaysia 2017 conference. I am sure many were impressed with the economic achievements that have been accomplished to date under your leadership. However, I do believe that some of the facts that you quoted would require some further elaboration.

Please allow me to do so, especially since one would not want to provide misleading information to foreigners who may not know any better about this beloved country of ours.

You started your speech by saying that you introduced the New Economic Model (NEM) seven years ago at the very same conference, with a plan that has worked and is continuing to work. Perhaps I may remind you that one of the key approaches of the NEM’s economic development plan was to move away from “dominant state participation in the economy” towards “private sector-led growth”.

An IDEAS policy paper published last year examined GLC disposal and investment exercises from 2011 to 2014 (after the NEM was published, by the way) and found that the total acquisition value of RM51.7 billion dwarfs the total disposal value of RM29.5 billion. In simple language, GLICs and GLCs combined have acquired far more than they have sold. Continue reading

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