PKR to amend constitution, more power to grassroots

Billy Boey

PKR will seek to amend its constitution to empower grassroots in the decision-making process and provide more clout to members in Sabah and Sarawak.

NONEA special national congress will be held in Shah Alam on Nov 24, during which the amendments will be tabled for debate.

At a press conference yesterday, PKR constitutional amendment committee head Tan Yee Kew (left) explained that the amendments, involving three features, would decentralise the decision-making process.

The first amendment seeks to empower state and branch leaders with the authority to appoint candidates for political positions at their respective levels, without intervention by the central leadership council.

This amendment also covers the Youth and Wanita wings, which will now be able to self-govern without approval from the central leadership.

One vice-president from East Malaysia

Another amendment was to enhance the status of party members in Sabah and Sarawak.

“Among the three vice-presidents of PKR, one must be from Sabah or Sarawak. The Sabah and Sarawak {KR chairpersons will automatically become a member of the party political bureau.

This will be a special status that party leaders in the peninsula do not enjoy.

“The state leaders in Sabah and Sarawak will be given power to pick the candidates for positions in the two states with the approval of the central leadership,” said Tan.

The third and last feature of the proposed amendments aims to increase efficiency in the party’s management and administration system.

“We will add a new post in every level of the party, which will be the organising secretary. We do this because there has been a large increase in members and the purpose of the organising secretary is to enhance recruitment of members,” Tan said.

Fourth round of amendments since 1999

She explained that the activities of the organising secretaries will be monitored by a chief organising secretary at the central and state leadership levels.

NONEAnother proposal is for the revamp of the disciplinary board to provide it more autonomy from the central leadership in its operations.

Accompanying Tan during the press conference was PKR vice-president Tian Chua (right), who said the party wants the decentralise its power structure in order to empower the grassroots and encourage them to be more pro-active.

“We (also) want to give autonomy to Sabah and Sarawak so that they can be part of the party’s leadership and we want upgrade the administration of the party to avoid confusions within the party and to ensure consistency,” Tian Chua said.

This is the fourth time the party will be amending its constitution. Their previous amendments were made in 1999, 2003 and 2010. – Malaysiakini

1 Response to PKR to amend constitution, more power to grassroots

  1. PKR keep up the good work. Always work to fulfill the needs and wishes of the members and supporters. We all have a common goal: to unseat the nefarious BN regime

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