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RM20 for workers… or voters?

By Kuek Ser Kuang Keng At an Umno Wanita community dinner function in Batu Sapi last night, RM20 was distributed to individuals who had registered their particulars with the organisers. This was video-recorded by Malaysiakini after receiving a tip-off from … Continue reading

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Public must move against corruption

By Josie M Fernandez As people lose their power to govern themselves, corruption thrives and grows, distorting economies and increasing poverty. In the 2010 Corruption Perception Index (CPI) announced yesterday, Denmark, New Zealand and Singapore tied for the first place … Continue reading

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Yong’s progress bad news for BN, PKR

By Luke Rintod SANDAKAN: On the weekend before the Batu Sapi parliamentary by-election, former chief minister Salleh Said reckons the seat is beyond PKR’s grasp. The state Umno liaison deputy chairman said it would come down to just Barisan Nasional … Continue reading

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Bomoh warned Taib to step down

By Sarawak Report Taib’s Bomoh confided before he died that he had warned the Chief Minister in 2003 that he should stand down within 7 years!  However, this piece of advice apparently signalled the beginning of the end Taib’s relationship with his long-trusted … Continue reading

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Ex-S’wak strongman Salleh ready to join fray

By KS Paul EXCLUSIVE Former Sarawak political heavyweight Salleh Jafaruddin is preparing to do battle again in the coming state election. The former deputy education minister, however, is keeping his options open on which side he will stand. He speaks … Continue reading

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Tsen: I will improve on my Bahasa

By Kuek Ser Kuang Keng BN’s candidate for the Batu Sapi by-election Linda Tsen vowed to improve on her poor command of Bahasa Malaysia, which has come under scrutiny from her two opponents. “Every day we have to keep learning, … Continue reading

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Is there a new ruling in ‘Taib’s assembly’?

By Joseph Tawie KUCHING: Kota Sentosa assemblyman Chong Chieng Jen was shocked when Chief Minister Taib Mahmud barred him from questioning the allocation of special funds for the Bandar Kuching parliamentary constituency. Taib had told Chong, who incidently is Bandar … Continue reading

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Penan seek outside help

Feeling that their complaints and appeals against logging activities and deforestation have been falling on deaf ears, the Penan community is starting to look outside the country for aid. A nomadic Penan travelled all the way from the Sarawak interior … Continue reading

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Cakap Cakap Mahathir

By Hussein Abdul Hamid, Adelaide Every time I go on the Net to see what is going on in KL  -without fail – I will come across this Mahathir’s name! An article about him, an article by him, something he … Continue reading

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The mighty Rajang River not so mighty after all

By Chris Reubens COMMENT Malaysia’s longest river – the Rajang in Sarawak – is a source of food, income and a mean of transport for the people living along the 640km waterway. Once the pride of Sarawak, the Rajang is … Continue reading

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