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Islamic vs civil law: Why now, asks Zaid

PETALING JAYA: Former law minister Zaid Ibrahim has criticised the timing of former chief justices in claiming the supremacy of Islamic law over civil law in Malaysia. In a blogpost today, Zaid singled out Abdul Hamid Mohamad and Ahmad Fairuz … Continue reading

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It’s time for Anwar to act, says Zaid Ibrahim

PETALING JAYA: As the man who led the federal opposition coalition in the past two general elections, it is Anwar Ibrahim who should name the person to lead the fight against Barisan Nasional in the next general election (GE14), says … Continue reading

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Why Malays need the DAP

By Zaid Ibrahim The three-day retreat with DAP Members of Parliament and the State Assemblies last weekend was quite an experience. I felt very welcomed and I was happy to see the activities of young leaders undertaking a variety of … Continue reading

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Picking non-auditor as A-G shocking, says Zaid

PETALING JAYA: The appointment of a non-auditor as the new auditor-general is “shocking”, says DAP’s Zaid Ibrahim. “The appointment of a non-auditor as our new auditor-general is clear proof that we do not care about our country,” said Zaid, who … Continue reading

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Zaid: Chinese love Malaysia and want to do more, but…

KUALA LUMPUR:. If given the chance, Malaysian Chinese would like to contribute more to the country’s progress as they love the country, says Zaid Ibrahim. It is wrong to say that earning money is of paramount importance to Chinese Malaysians, … Continue reading

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Zaid dares govt to drop half measures and go for full Islamic state

 KUALA LUMPUR: Former de facto law minister Zaid Ibrahim today challenged the government, and those pushing for shariah law punishment enhancements, to go all the way in their Islamisation policy. He dared the government to change the Federal Constitution to … Continue reading

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Dr M has said worse, Zaid says of his sedition probe

PETALING JAYA: Dr Mahathir Mohamad has said worse things about the government and Prime Minister Najib Razak, yet no action has been taken against him, pointed out former de facto law minister Zaid Ibrahim. Speaking in an interview with FMT, … Continue reading

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