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Unusual love story of French presidential front-runner and wife who is his former teacher and 25 years his senior

© Provided by Trinity Mirror Shared Services Limited Credits: Getty Images Europe If Emmanuel Macron defeats far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in May’s showdown for the French presidency, the country will have perhaps its most unexpected first lady ever. Macron’s … Continue reading

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Tragic woman, 20, plans her own funeral so she can fulfil last wish to ‘die beautiful’

Mirror At only 20 years of age, Racine Pregunta had a final wish as bone cancer ravaged her body in its final days. Outlining a meticulous list of details for her funeral, the young woman told her family she wanted … Continue reading

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Philippines’ Duterte draws ire for defending adultery

© Provided by AFP Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, 72, whose first marriage was annulled and who is in a long-term relationship with another woman, has openly boasted about having mistresses and using Viagra to have sex with them Philippine President … Continue reading

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No One’s Safe When “Mr. Steal Your Girl” Is Around

It’s no secret that Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, is a charming man. He’s been stealing people’s hearts from all over the world ever since he was elected, and now it looks like a few famous figures are … Continue reading

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‘Bill Gates could be the world’s first trillionaire’

The world could see its first trillionaire in the next 25 years, and it is not difficult to guess that it could be Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. According to a recent Oxfam report, the richest are accumulating wealth at such … Continue reading

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Malaysia vulnerable to Trump’s protectionist policies – Nomura Research

KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 27): Emerging markets are likely to be more vulnerable to U.S. President Donald Trump’s protectionist policies than what most people think, particularly Malaysia, says Nomura’s Global Markets Research. In a report released on the eve of Chinese … Continue reading

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Duterte: Catholic Church ‘full of s**t’

MANILA: The Catholic Church is “full of sh**t,” according to President Duterte who ramped up his attacks against priests and bishops in the Philippines, on Tuesday, by accusing them of corruption, womanising and other excesses. In a speech peppered with … Continue reading

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