Prosecutor: Co-pilot deliberately crashed Germanwings flight

 Deutsche Welle Matt Zuvela

2015 DW.DE, Deutsche Welle: A public prosecutor in France has said the co-pilot of the crashed Germanwings flight deliberately initiated the plane’s descent. He was alone in the cockpit and ignored the pilot trying to get back in.At a press conference on Thursday, Marseille’s public prosecutor Brice Robin said investigators analyzing the audio recorded in the cockpit of the Germanwings plane that crashed on Tuesday have come to the conclusion that the co-pilot of the plane intentionally initiated a descent from a normal cruising altitude that eventually led to the crash of the plane.

Robin described the events that investigators had pieced together from the audio recording as follows:After taking off, the pilots conversed in a normal manner for the first 20 minutes of the flight. Upon reaching a normal cruising altitude, the pilot asked the co-pilot to take over the controls before getting up and leaving the cockpit.

At this point, the co-pilot deliberately initiated a descent of the airplane.

Shortly after, the pilot repeatedly attempted to communicate via the plane’s telephone system that he’d like to be let back in. The co-pilot did not respond. The pilot then tried knocking on the door, but there was no reaction from the cockpit.

Robin said the co-pilot did not utter a single word during the eight-minute descent before the crash, but could be heard breathing normally. Continue reading

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PKR files emergency motion to sack police chief

PKR has filed an emergency motion under Standing Order 18 (1) to discuss the conduct of inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar and subsequently sack him, mainly for using the Sedition Act against lawmakers.

PKR’s Bayan Baru MP Sim Tze Tzin (below) filed the motion today with Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia’s office.

“Until today, 36 MPs, university lecturers, students and social activists have been charged, arrested or interrogated by the police using the Sedition Act,” he said in the motion.

He added that Malaysia’s good name would be “tarnished” if Khalid continues to helm the police force.

Pandikar would decide by tomorrow or next week if the motion would be allowed to be debated.

Sim also described Khalid as the “Twitter sheriff” in his motion. Continue reading

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IGP: Questioning hudud will incur Islamic State’s wrath

Inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar has warned Malaysians not to question Islam and hudud as it may provoke a retaliation from the terror network Islamic State (IS).

“I would like to remind (the public) who make comments on Islam and hudud not to simply comment, (because) you are inviting retaliation from IS supporters,” he told reporters.

He said Malaysia is facing a threat from the radical Islamist group, and intelligence reports reveal that they are planning an attack here.

“Of course… We are facing an imminent threat from the IS… We are worried, and the threat is imminent,” he said when asked about police intelligence on this matter.

Khalid also did not rule out an incident similar to the Paris terror attacks happening here due to comments on hudud.

“Why not? Which is why we do not want the public to discuss this matter publicly,” he told reporters at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur.

He said the attacks may be carried out by locals who have been “poisoned or brainwashed” by IS, or by foreign militants who manage to slip through police detection. Continue reading

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Lee Kuan Yew once uncovered a CIA plot, turned down a $3.3m bribe and embarrassed the US

By Coconuts Singapore March 24, 2015

At one time in 1961, the late founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew was offered a bribe of $3.3 million (equivalent of $25 million today) by a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agent to keep hush about an unsuccessful operation.

Lee, in his infinite badass-dom, turned down the offer and went ballistic on America.

In a report on the New York Times published in 1965 — and recently uncovered on Reddit’s /r/Singapore — Lee had uncovered a CIA plot and refused to kowtow to the American agency, despite Singapore being a young, fragile state during the ’60s.

Apparently, a CIA agent had been caught trying to purchase information from Singapore intelligence officials. He then offered Lee $3.3 million for personal and political use if the failed affair was kept under wraps.

Thinking more about the future of his country, Lee refused, and asked instead for $33 million in formal economic-development aid for Singapore.

It was only in 1965 that Lee brought the incident to light when he launched a public tirade against the United States which included chiding the “insensitivity” of Americans in Asia and declaring how he would never replace let Americans take over the British in maintaining a military base in Singapore. He also recalled the failed espionage attempt by the CIA.

His charges were immediately denied by US Ambassador to Malaysia James D. Bell and the State Department. Department spokesman Robert J. McCloskey vehemently denied allegations of CIA involvement. Continue reading

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Only ‘stupid people’ talk about hudud in Malaysia, senior Umno minister says

Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz said there was no need to worry over PAS’s hudud agenda as in the first place, the controversial Islamic penal code runs counter to the Federal Constitution and would therefore never be implemented in Malaysia. — Picture by Choo Choy May

Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz said there was no need to worry over PAS’s hudud agenda as in the first place, the controversial Islamic penal code runs counter to the Federal Constitution and would therefore never be implemented in Malaysia. — Picture by Choo Choy May

KUALA LUMPUR, March 23 — Senior Umno minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz turned the heat up a notch in the controversy over hudud today, harshly describing those bickering over the law and its planned implementation in Kelantan as “stupid people”.

The outspoken politician said there was no need to worry over PAS’s hudud agenda as in the first place, the controversial Islamic penal code runs counter to the Federal Constitution and would therefore never be implemented in Malaysia.

“They are all stupid, whoever is talking about this from whichever political party. This can only happen if there is an amendment to the Federal Constitution.

“So why even talk or bother about something that is against the Constitution and will not happen? Exercise in futility,” the former de facto law minister told reporters when met at the Parliament lobby here.

Nazri, who is now Tourism Minister, stressed that punishments for crime and theft under hudud could not be passed without first amending the Constitution as the civil courts already have clear punishments for such offences. Continue reading

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Zaid urges Malays to back DAP and PasMa

zaid hududFMT Reporters

PETALING JAYA: Former law minister Zaid Ibrahim has called on “sensible Malays” to resist the rise of a “Taliban-style fascism” in Malaysian politics by supporting DAP or backing the establishment of a new party of Muslim moderates.

In his latest blog entry, Zaid describes DAP as the only existing political organisation showing integrity in the hudud issue.

As for a new Muslim party, he envisions one formed by members of PasMa, an NGO within PAS reputed to have moderate leanings. He says Malays should support such a party only if it is truly moderate.

He notes that the hudud bill approved by the Kelantan State Assembly last week had the support of PAS, Umno and PKR. Continue reading

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Married at 13, a mother at 14 and a divorcee at 15

by Jimmy Adit

FOCUS: She got married at 13, one day after she received RM100 from the Poor Students Trust Fund (KWAPM), which is government cash aid to students from poor families.

Wedding was an elaborate affair. Half a dozen people – three from her side and three from the groom’s side – spoke, mostly on the dos and don’ts of marriage life according to both religion and community.

The speeches were a good two hours, but except for the young couple and their parents, the rest and the guests, easily 1,000 in all, were not listening. They were eating and drinking.

The speeches over, came the moment that everybody was excitedly waiting for – ‘joget sampai pagi’ or dance till sunrise.

Did I say everybody? Yes, and I mean everybody who could sway and gyrate to the ‘joget’ and the ‘dangdut’ stuff churned out by the village band.

By the way, those musical instruments – the guitars, keyboard and drums – were bought with funds given by the local Yang Berhormat. He buys musical instruments for every village in his constituency. Weddings like this one are where the young rockers – that’s what they call themselves – ‘buang gian’, or can show their stuff. Continue reading

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