Report: Najib’s aide confirms family feud

A spokesperson for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has reportedly confirmed the family feud that led to his stepdaughter Azrene Soraya Abdul Aziz openly rebuking her brother Riza Aziz.

The unnamed spokesperson told The Weekend Australian on Saturday that he had seen Azrene Soraya’s posting on her Facebook and Twitter accounts.

“She has a right to say what she wants to say but I can say for sure that the mother and daughter have been estranged for many years.

“We are not responding to it at the moment,” he was quoted as saying, adding that it was a private family matter. Continue reading

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‘They can say I’m nyanyuk (senile), that’s all right’


KUALA LUMPUR: Dr Mahathir Mohamad says those criticising his plan to form a new party can “say what they like” as he has refused to be disheartened by the brickbats.

“They can say I’m nyanyuk (senile) and all that, that’s all right.

“That’s normal for people who are worried and need to demonise their opponents, so it’s okay.”

The former prime minister said this when speaking to reporters after attending the launch of a book titled “My Name is Hasmah”. The book is a biography about his wife, Dr Siti Hasmah Ali.

Present were Mahathir’s children, Mokhzani, Mukhriz and Marina as well as former MCA President Ling Liong Sik.

Those unhappy with his plan to form a new party, Mahathir added, would attempt to create the impression that what he was doing looked “stupid and silly.”

He hinted the party could be launched in a couple of weeks. Continue reading

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Dr M: Everyone knows that Najib is ‘Malaysia Official No 1’

mahathir najib 1mdb 

BANGI: Former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has expressed his confidence that “Malaysia Official 1″ mentioned in a US court document is Najib Razak.

He described as “wishful thinking” the claims by several government leaders of Najib’s innocence because his name wasn’t mentioned in the asset-forfeiture papers filed by the US Justice Department.

Even though Najib’s name was not mentioned, in the context of the report, Mahathir claimed that everyone knew that the person with authority over 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) was Najib.

“Everything within the context of Malaysian Official One has similarities with Najib. I don’t know why they didn’t mention Najib.

“They mention others. But Najib and those who support him think that because his name wasn’t mentioned, he is innocent. That is wishful thinking,” Mahathir said while at a Hari Raya celebration. Continue reading

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Ambiga: Entire cabinet must resign over 1MDB, not just Najib

Image result for s ambiga

All members of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s cabinet must resign as they are equally at fault for Malaysia’s woes, said National Human Rights Society (Hakam) president Ambiga Sreenevasan.

“It is not just Najib that is guilty of what is going on in Malaysia, it is the entire cabinet.

“All those ministers who are saying nothing, it is a sin of omission,” she said at NGO Aliran’s fundraising dinner last night.

Ambiga was speaking on the US Department of Justice’s (DOJ) clampdown on corruption involving 1MDB.

The DOJ claims over US$3.5 billion in 1MDB funds had been siphoned off, and it is seeking to seize over US$1 billion in assets acquired with the misappropriated monies.

The case implicates Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s stepson Riza Aziz, and Penang-born tycoon Jho Low.

An unnamed high-ranking public officer cited as ‘Malaysian Official 1’ is also said to have received US$731 million of the allegedly siphoned 1MDB funds.

The prime minister’s opponents said clues in the DOJ’s documents show that ‘Malaysian Official 1’ is none other than Najib himself. Continue reading

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1MDB and the US gov’t – what comes next?

 By John Malott

COMMENT Some people were surprised when I said that the US government’s seizure of assets – condos, mansions, hotels, and art work – all of which were purchased with money stolen from 1MDB and the Malaysian people – was only the beginning.

It’s true. There’s lots more to come.

There will be criminal indictments coming, most likely including Riza Aziz and Jho Low, who both are very closely connected to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

There will be a mention in a future criminal prosecution of an “unindicted co-conspirator,” who now is widely known as ‘Malaysian Official 1’. When he no longer is in office, he will be indicted in the US.

Here are some thoughts about what happens next on the US side. The US government already has seized these assets, or asked other governments, such as Switzerland and the UK, to seize them.

So now Najib’s stepson Riza and his close adviser Jho Low cannot sell anything or try to get their money out of the US or other countries. They have been blocked.

Under US law, the next step is for Riza, Jho Low, and others to try and prove in a court of law that the assets that were seized from them truly were purchased with their own money – and not from funds stolen from 1MDB. Continue reading

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Militants held, explosive seized IS members threatened to attack cops

KUALA LUMPUR: Police have detained a senior Islamic State (IS) member and 13 other suspected militants, and seized a ready-made Improvised Explosive Device (IED) meant for attacking Bukit Aman top brass.

The 14 were picked up by Bukit Aman’s Special Branch Counter Terrorism Division in Selangor, Perak, Kedah, Penang and Sabah between July 14 and July 20.

It is learnt that the 1kg IED, capable of destroying a vehicle upon impact, was in a house in Kampung Melayu, Sungai Buloh, that one of the militants led the police to.

The house is believed to be a storage place for the terror group.

Of those detained, 12 of them belong to the same cell as the militants who were detained late last month and are suspected of taking orders from Muhammad Wanndy Mohamed Jedi to launch attacks against the top Bukit Aman officers.

Among them, two worked as cooks at a franchise restaurant in the Klang Valley, two were employed at a private company, one was a student at a private university and another was a mechanic.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said one of the suspects confessed to sharing knowledge on how to make IEDs on the Telegram app with other IS militants.

“He also claimed to have received orders from Muhammad Wanndy to make an IED for attacks in the Klang Valley.

“Muhammad Wanndy also promised to supply him with a pistol through a middleman to defend himself against the police,” said Khalid in a statement yesterday. Continue reading

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1MDB Scandal: Roshmah’s Own Daughter Slams Brother Riza Aziz And Najib Family For Alleged Corruption


Azrene Ahman, the step-daughter of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, had just today published a social media post condemning his own brother Riza Aziz and the Najib family for allegedly stealing from 1MDB.

The comments came after the US Justice Department openly named Red Granite, the movie production company co-owned by Riza, is one of the recipients of funds embezzled by corrupt 1MDB officials. Riza had since denied any wrongdoing, claiming that the funds received was a “gift”.


In a poem titled “The Aziz Children’s Door”, referring to the different paths her brother Riza and she herself had taken, she suggested that Riza’s greed had corrupted him, while Azrene herself took a wholly different path, focusing on peace and justice.
Continue reading

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