TMJ slams Umno ‘cybertroopers’ over absence at SEA Games matches

Tengku-Mahkota-johor PETALING JAYA: The crown prince of Johor Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim today hit out at an Umno Youth leader for using “cybertroopers” to question his absence during the recent SEA Games matches which saw the Malaysian’s squad beating Brunei and Singapore.

“To Mr Ibdil, you don’t need to get your cybertroopers to attack me and praise your ‘boss’,” he wrote in a Facebook post today, in what appeared to be a reference to Umno Youth exco member Ibdillah Ishak who also chairs the wing’s social media bureau.

“Nobody wants to bring down your ‘boss’. You need to remember that your political party’s biggest support comes from Johor. Think carefully.”

The “boss” to whom he referred is believed to be Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin, who is also the youth and sports minister. Continue reading

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Who is lying on RM230m – Mahathir or Zahid?

YOURSAY | ‘Zahid wouldn’t lie, would he? He accumulated his wealth when he was in corporate sector.’

I am free of corruption, declares Zahid

Anonymous 2436471476414726: The standard pleading for all those charged in court for corruption is that they are not guilty. Only after a trial, some would be convicted and sentenced accordingly.

Thus, it is no big deal if someone says he is free of corruption. It is for others, or the appropriate authority, to judge and not oneself. Even a murderer will say he is innocent until proved otherwise.

In DPM Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s case, allegedly having RM230 million in his bank account seems a lot of money, even if he was a corporate figure.

The Income Tax Department (LHDN) must investigate this to ensure Zahid had declared the correct income and paid the taxes due. Over to you, LHDN.

Mahsuri: The Home Ministry is responsible for licensing money lenders, yet it’s an open secret that even authorised money lenders are lending beyond legally imposed maximum lending rates. Till today, no action has been taken against such blatant breach of the Moneylenders Act.

Who can forget which minister it was who went all the way to Bangladesh to secure the import of hundreds of thousands of Bangladeshis to Malaysia as foreign labourers?

Conveniently, all processing of these migrant workers will be handled by some newly-formed private company, which is probably linked in some way to the same minister (who has no role in the planning of labour issues in Malaysia, by the way).

And Zahid thinks he can just publicly declare himself and his ministry free of corruption and that settles it?

But of course, this is the same minister who has publicly encouraged all Muslims and the National Registration Department (NRD) to ignore a Court of Appeal’s decision in favour of a fatwa that has absolutely no legal standing.

Anonymous 2465861491622056: Just ask any legal or illegal foreign worker in Malaysia and he will tell you the amount of money he has to pay enforcement agencies under the Home Ministry on many occasions. Zahid, we know you are talking rubbish.

Slumdog: So, it must be true then, because Zahid said so – that he is free of corruption. Zahid wouldn’t lie, would he? Continue reading

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A tribute to Kerk Kim Hock – politician, fighter, friend

By Francis Paul Siah

OBITUARY  I sat next to Kerk Kim Hock at a fundraising dinner for the Sarawak DAP at Lok Thian Restaurant in downtown Kuching one fine evening in 1999.

Kerk was the secretary-general of the DAP and I was the secretary-general of the State Reform Party (Star).

DAP, PKR and Star were Sarawak allies in Barisan Alternatif (BA). Pakatan Rakyat was not born yet. BA was the opposition alliance formed to fight Barisan Nasional in the 1999 general election.

It was at that dinner during that fine evening 18 years ago that I came to know Kerk Kim Hock – the man, the politician and the fighter.

The dinner-cum-ceramah dragged on for some three hours. There were speeches by DAP leaders like Chong Eng and Wong Sing Nang, who was Sarawak DAP chairman at the time. Even the fiery tones from Lim Kit Siang and the late Star president Dr Patau Rubis did not distract Kerk and me from our deep conversation.

Somehow we clicked that night. We were mere political acquaintances in the past, and had never had the opportunity to engage each other until that evening.

We clicked possibly because we are both “monkeys”, born in 1956 in the Year of the Monkey. Never mind that he is five months older than me, we are still monkeys. The fire monkey is said to be ambitious and adventurous and I guess we possess similar traits. Continue reading

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Let me help you with Najib’s wealth, Rafizi tells MACC

Rafizi-Ramli-najib-macc PETALING JAYA: PKR’s Rafizi Ramli has volunteered his services to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), after the graft-fighting body pledged to investigate top civil servants who live beyond their means.

“I will personally take responsibility in compiling evidences about the wealth and extravagant lifestyle of Prime Minister Najib Razak and his family,” said the Pandan MP.

He said his staff under the NGO Invoke Malaysia could be mobilised to form a special team to probe civil servants.

Yesterday, MACC urged the public to report civil servants who live beyond their means, saying they could be investigated for possible corruption and abuse of their positions.

“The MACC will determine how they are able to lead a life of luxury beyond their income and find out whether they had acquired their wealth through legal means,” said MACC deputy chief commissioner (operations) Mohd Azam Baki as quoted by Bernama.

He said MACC was monitoring officers in senior positions, including their wealth. Continue reading

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Zahid’s greatest own goal

By Mariam Mokhtar

COMMENT | Is Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi a liability, a loose cannon or Najib Abdul Razak’s loyal henchman? It is never a proud moment when one scores an own goal, so what was Zahid thinking, when he attacked the lineage of the former PM, Dr Mahathir Mohamad?

In one fell swoop, Zahid undermined his boss Najib’s “1Malaysia” pledge of a diverse nation. On the other hand, many Malaysians feel that Zahid may have done them a favour by inadvertently airing the sensitive issue of “ethnicity”.

In the past, Malay nationalists have taken pot shots at the non-Malays, and told the Chinese to “balik Tongsan” and the Indians, to “balik India”. Now, the Malaysians of Indonesian stock can be told to “balik Indon”.

More importantly, when Zahid commented upon Mahathir’s Indian heritage, he attracted jibes of “The pot calling the kettle black” because of Zahid’s Indonesian origins.

With that attack backfiring, Zahid then criticised Mahathir for his role in the Memali massacre of 1985. This may damage Zahid more than it will Mahathir. Continue reading

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Pandalela Rinong Looks So Hot In This Fashion Shoot, You Won’t Even Recognise Her

Pandalela Rinong Looks Smoking Hot In This Fashion Shoot That You Can’t Even Recognise Her

Rojak Daily

On Wednesday, photos of a local young lady looking all dolled-up in a high-fashion photoshoot went viral on various social media platform. It wasn’t because of how pretty or how expensive her clothes were, it was because no one expected this particular person to look so good in a high-fashion shoot.

If you were one of those people who had to give the photos a second look, don’t worry you were not alone. You might be wondering “why does she look so familiar?”

Well it’s because she’s none other than our very own Olympic-medalist national diver, Continue reading

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I gave up inheritance to marry for love, says Khoo Kay Peng’s daughter

LONDON: Angeline Francis Khoo, the daughter of Malaysian tycoon Tan Sri Khoo Kay Peng, has revealed that she gave up her share of the family fortune to marry the man her father had disapproved of.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Mail’s You Magazine last week, Angeline, 34, said she is currently not on talking terms with her father.

Kay Peng, the 78-year-old is the chairman of Malayan United Industries, an investment holding firm with substantial stakes in lifestyle brand Laura Ashley UK and the Corus group of luxury hotels.

Forbes, which estimated his net worth at US$300mil (RM1.27bil), ranked him 44th on its list of Malaysia’s 50 richest people in 2015.

Angeline, the fourth of Kay Peng’s five children with his ex-wife and former Malaysian beauty queen Pauline Chai, met Carribean-born data scientist Jedidiah Francis while studying at Oxford University in 2008.

Kay Peng and Chai married in 1970, and had five children before splitting up in 2013. They have spent more than £6 million (RM34mil) between them on lawyers to fight their financial dispute, according to The Guardian.

Angeline told her father she wanted to marry Francis but he refused to give her his blessing. Continue reading

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