‘Local Chinese millionaires ditching Opposition’


PETALING JAYA: More local Chinese businessmen are likely to back the Barisan Nasional government in the coming general election, a political and economic analyst has predicted.

Prof Hoo Ke Ping said this was because of the challenging business environment and fear of hudud being implemented in the country.

He said these millionaires were once ardent Opposition supporters, but now hoped to stop any Umno-PAS liaison shaping up a hudud policy in the country.

“In the 1990s, a lot of big-time Chinese millionaires were doing well. They told the small-time businessmen to support the Opposition.

“Now these same Chinese businessmen are changing their stand. At the top level, it is happening fast.

“They are scared as their livelihood is under threat. If they support the Barisan Nasional government, they hope to stop hudud and get the economy going,” he told FMT.

In the last general election, the BN government was said to have lost the support of many Chinese voters. Continue reading

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Police holds man for allegedly making Indonesian maid a sex slave

PETALING JAYA, May 3 — Police have arrested a 69-year-old man, whose wife is in coma, for allegedly having made a sex slave of one of two Indonesian maids at their home in Subang Jaya here.

Subang Jaya Police chief ACP Mohammad Azlin Sadari said today the suspect was picked up last Wednesday along with his 30-year-old daughter but the woman was released on police bail.

He also said that the man had allegedly made video recordings of his sex acts with the 25-year-old maid who had been in his employ since 2012 and had valid travel documents.

“We believe the maid had been made a sex slave over the past four years that she has been in the employ of the man,” he told a news conference at the Subang Jaya Police headquarters. Continue reading

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Australians flew on AirAsia plane with fault for one year before deadly crash

All 162 passengers and crew died when the Airbus 320 stalled at high altitude du...

ABC News

An Indonesia AirAsia plane that crashed into the Java Sea in 2014 killing all on board had carried thousands of Australian passengers while flying with a mechanical fault for the 12 months before the tragedy.

Aviation experts were asked by Foreign Correspondent to track the plane 12 months before the crash while it had the mechanical fault.

The details of the aircraft’s flight path over that period have been uncovered with disturbing questions raised about the role of Indonesia’s aviation regulator, including allegations of corruption.

There are now calls for the Indonesian arms of AirAsia to be suspended from flying to Australia until they pass an international safety audit. All 162 passengers and crew died when the Airbus 320 stalled at high altitude during a flight from Indonesia’s second largest city Surabaya to Singapore on December 28, 2014.

The final report into the crash, released in December last year, found the aircraft had a fault with its rudder limiter which went unfixed for 12 months before the crash. Foreign Correspondent has revealed thousands of Australians had flown on the same aircraft while it had the fault.

Perth-based aviation expert Geoffrey Thomas said airlines like Qantas would never a fly a plane with that sort of defect. “I believe there’s evidence around that some airlines that fly to Australia don’t meet international standards and they should be banned,” he said.

“It’s simply not good enough that you’ve got aeroplanes flying around with potentially catastrophic faults with them.”

The crash investigation report says the rudder limiter defect did not in itself cause the crash, but instead the flight crew’s reaction to a warning alarm about the fault was to blame.

Further, Indonesia AirAsia was not even approved to fly the route to Singapore on that day. Continue reading

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Game over for 1MDB and Najib?


QUESTION TIME Out of that RM51 billion of assets that 1MDB has, as much as RM33 billion may never be recovered, allegedly embezzled through a number of crooked deals which no Malaysian authority is investigating at the moment.

And if you include other losses such as mispricing of bonds (RM6 billion), overpayment to advisers (RM2 billion) and overpayment for energy assets (RM3 billion), the figure comes up to an astronomical RM44 billion in losses to the country.

No, these are not crazy figures plucked from the air. Here’s how we derived them.

In July last year, it was reported that then deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin said that 1MDB’s total debts amounted to RM50 billion. Previous reports cited an asset base of RM51 billion, the higher asset base being due to revaluation of government land acquired cheaply earlier.

That RM50 billion figure remains unchallenged to this day. 1MDB sold its power assets to Chinese interests for just under RM10 billion late last year. The sale has been completed now. Using 1MDB’s own figures, the sale of the power assets, extinguished RM16 billion debt, out of which half was inherited debt, that is debt within the various energy companies.

Take that RM16 billion out of RM50 billion in debt, and the amount remaining is RM34 billion. 1MDB likes to proudly say that it has no more bank debt, but fact is it has tonnes of debt still in the form of bonds – a RM5 billion Islamic term note, RM2.4 billion sukuk, US$3.5 billion (about RM14 billion in two equal bonds, both guaranteed by the International Petroleum Investment Company or IPIC of Abu Dhabi), and US$3 billion (about RM12 billion) in bonds issued with a letter of support from the Malaysian government. Continue reading

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Throbbing debate over vibrators in retail stores

Wong opined that if vibrators were being sold in stores, they should be behind-the-counter items sold only to adults. — AFP picWong opined that if vibrators were being sold in stores, they should be behind-the-counter items sold only to adults. — AFP pic

PETALING JAYA, May 2 — A sexy debate over the availability of vibrators in stores continues to grip Malaysians.

The announcement of the launch of the devices by Watsons Malaysia on April 12 took Malaysia by storm as it went viral.

Advertised as ‘’SmileMakers’’, the vibrators take on four different personas — The French Man, The Tennis Coach, The Fireman and The Millionaire — at RM129 per device.

Malay Mail engaged Malaysians to discuss the move made by the pharmacy.

The director of KIN & KiDS Marriage, Family and Child Therapy Centre, Charis Wong, said: “The effect of vibrators on our society is almost negligent in comparison to pornography.

“However, if it is being sold in stores, it should be a behind-the-counter item sold only to adults.” Continue reading

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Last-ditch effort to save Jabing Kho from the gallows

jabing-khooKUALA LUMPUR: The family of Jabing Kho is making a last-ditch effort to petition for clemency, which if approved could mean the Sarawakian has another three months before a decision is announced on whether to go ahead with the death sentence or not.

According to a report by the Star Online, the petition is being organised by NGO We Believe In Second Chances, which is also working with the Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign group to get as many signatures as possible for a petition to be submitted to Singapore president Tony Tan.

“Usually from the day the petition is submitted, there is around three months before the President’s decision is announced,” said founding member Kirsteen Han.

Han held a press conference with Jabing’s family members on Sunday, urging for more support from Sarawakian politicians.

“We understand it (hanging) can be anytime. We wish to have Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem’s help. Help us appeal to Singapore. Ask for a lesser penalty. Don’t have him hanged,” said Jabing’s sister Jumai Kho.

Their mother Lenduk told reporters she was sorry for her son’s actions. Continue reading

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Changes to PDRM, one step at a time

By walking the talk, the new Bukit Aman Management director is proving to be a visionary leader.

CHANGE must start from yourself – that is a creed that Comm Datuk Seri Zulkifli Abdullah holds strongly to.

by natasha joibi

Only a few months into his tenure as Bukit Aman Management director, Comm Zulkifli has already brought in many changes to the department, including introducing a programme to help overweight and obese police officers improve their health and fitness. But he is not one to be contented with standing idly by as his subordinates take part in the Trim N Fit programme, Comm Zulkifli has also been following a strict diet and exercise regimen for six months.

By walking the talk, Comm Zulkifli is proving to be the change-maker that the police force needed. Speaking to Sunday Star in conjunction with PDRM’s 209th anniversary, he shares some insight into projects that will be carried out this year to improve the police force.

Q:What does Police Day mean to you?

This year we celebrated our 209th Police Day. The traditional celebration was done at Pulapol – our training division – and comprised a parade. Our Prime Minister attended the event together with the Deputy Prime Minister. Over and above, the PM launched a 2.0 blueprint for our Green Project which will span from 2016 to 2020. We’ve been quite successful two years after the project was launched in 2014. We scored 85% and were awarded a four-star rating. We received a few awards in Malaysia and internationally. The initiative is supposed to receive recognition from an international body in April. Continue reading

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