Church opens parking for Ramadan Bazaar

It’s viral in the social media and surprises the peninsula but it’s the norm in Borneo.


KOTA KINABALU: The decision by a Catholic Church in Kota Kinabalu, Church of St Mary Immaculate in Bukit Padang, to open its car park to visitors frequenting a nearby Ramadan bazaar, has gone viral in the social media in the peninsula.

A Facebook posting by a Daniel Doughty on the Church drew thousands of likes. “I love Sabah . . . tolerance, co-operation, understanding, unity and love is all we need. Yes, it’s here. It’s in Sabah,” he wrote.

Another surfer, Allen Jeyarajasingam, responded: “Don’t let the narrow-minded politicians (from the peninsula) ruin this.”

“Those who visit the Ramadan bazaar can park at the Church.” Continue reading

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Ailing Anwar – PM wants relevant parties to act

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak said he has been informed on  the ill health of jailed PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim condition and has ordered the relevant parties to provide necessary medical treatment.

“I take note of Anwar’s heath and I want the relevant parties to make sure he receives necessary treatment,” he said via Twitter this evening.

The premier, however, remained mum on the suggestion by Anwar’s lawyer’s that he be placed under house arrest in view of his deteoriating condition and to allow regular medical treatment.

In a press release earlier today, Anwar’s lawyers Sivarasa Rasiah and Jared Genser said their client’s  health was deteriorating rapidly because he was being denied the appropriate medical treatment. Continue reading

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Umno blogger: Muhyiddin missed chance to oust PM

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has missed a golden opportunity to unseat his boss Najib Abdul Razak, after Umno decided to postpone party elections till 2018, said an Umno blogger.

Shahbuddin Husin claimed that Muhyiddin should have made a move after a leaked video of him calling for 1MDB’s directors to be sacked went viral.

“Paired with former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s (photo) attacks on Najib, the momentum for Muhyiddin to oust Najib was at its peak when the video of his speech in Janda Baik went viral a few months ago.

“At that time, besides Umno being split on the government’s handling of 1MDB, the people too hoped that something would have been done by Muhyiddin.

“But because this chance to act and be brave was let go just like that, the momentum for Muhyiddin (to boot Najib) has ended,” he wrote in his blog today. Continue reading

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Clear the air on what to wear, govt told

A poster on the dress code at a government department in Putrajaya

A poster on the dress code at a government department in Putrajaya

PETALING JAYA: The Chief Secretary to the Government should issue clear directives regarding dress codes and its enforcement at government offices and agencies, said G25 coordinator Datuk Noor Farida Ariffin.

“There is no legal basis for the imposition of dress codes on the public whom they are serving.

“We agree with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad that dress codes should be applied to the staff of departments and agencies and not members of the public,” said Noor Farida.

On Thursday, Dr Mahathir reportedly said that dress codes were an office matter, that it was the right of an individual to wear shorts in public and should be allowed to enter government facilities like a hospital as long as they weren’t naked.

Noor Farida added that G25 felt it was inappropriate for security guards at government agencies or other places to enforce dress codes at their whims and fancy.

“If they are doing this on their own initiative from a misplaced sense of moral indignation that their religious sensibilities have been violated, they should be taken to task by their department heads.

“They should learn to respect other races and other cultures. Dresses with hemlines above the knee are perfectly respectable in non-Muslim cultures,” said Noor Farida. Continue reading

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Put off by leaders afraid to face their party members

by Cynic View

COMMENT: Umno’s split decision to postpone party polls until the next general election (which must be held by mid-2018) is telling indeed.

Yes, the party constitution allows it. And yes, two previous party presidents and prime ministers did the same. But that still does not make it right or proper for a party that practises democracy.

Thirty-one of the 190 divisions certainly think the party polls, to elect the youth, wanita, puteri and central committee officials, including vice-presidents, deputy president and president, should go on. Therein lies Umno’s dilemma.

As a democratic party, as affirmed by party chief Najib Razak when he announced the decision on Friday night, Umno should embrace dissent and healthy opposition. A party of yes-men and women will lead to ruin.

If one is confident of one’s policies, direction, conduct and leadership, there is no reason members or delegates will not give their support. Thus, regular party elections are one way for competent, responsible and accountable leaders to seek a new mandate.

If you’ve done a good job and the process is clean and proper, you win. But if you have failed in your job or is just plain incompetent, good luck. Continue reading

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Where is Jakim when Muslims frequent 4D shops openly?

Instead of making women wear sarongs to cover their legs, why doesn’t Jakim nab Muslim men who gamble openly during Ramadan?



From: Sham Yazid via e-mail

I am shocked at the number of 4D shops as well as Sports Toto outlets I have come across with Muslims inside gambling even during the fasting month.

It is common to see Muslims flocking to these shops in other months but to see so many there during the fasting month, is truly shocking.

Jakim and all the other religious enforcers better get their act together. You guys hunt down Muslims consuming drinks during fasting month but when something so blatant as gambling occurs in broad daylight, you all are too scared to do anything.

Why? Is it because these outlets make good revenue for the government in the form of income tax? Continue reading

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Dr M-Najib spat gets celebrity endorsement. What it tells us…

by Mariam Mokhtar

COMMENT: The public spat between Najib Razak and Dr Mahathir Mohamad has now received a touch of glamour and sex appeal, with a second “artiste” throwing her weight behind Mahathir.

Mixing showbusiness and politics can be a double edged sword. In Hollywood, film stars are like royalty and Washington politicians including American presidents tend to fraternise with celebrities to add panache (and attract donations) to an otherwise dull political scene. The same cannot be said of Malaysia.

Malaysiakini quoted actress Rozita Che Wan, popularly called Che Ta, who said she was a fan of Mahathir, who in her opinion had “sacrificed and contributed much towards Malaysia.

She said, “Mahathir “raised” Malaysia from a nobody, to become world renowned, this is a remarkable achievement.”

Older Malaysians learnt from history, that Malaya was the workhorse of the British Empire and after World War Two, rubber and tin exports to Britain, paid for all the rebuilding work, in Britain. Malaya was fabulously wealthy, with timber, gold and minerals. It was never obscure and unknown.

Before the British, Malaya was a major trading nation, with Malacca as a major port, on the trade route between China and India. Continue reading

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