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Najib’s Achilles heel and poison arrow

By Mohd Ariff Sabri Aziz Every Umno leader knows that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad blames Rosmah Mansor for the position Umno and Najib Razak find themselves in today. COMMENT It’s none of our concern if Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s attacks … Continue reading

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Overseas vote – crawling to the finish line

By William de Cruz COMMENT The court case that has seen six overseas Malaysians fight the Election Commission (EC) after it rejected their application to become postal voters has moved tantalisingly toward some form of closure. The litigants, all living … Continue reading

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Keep the death penalty – here’s why

Francis Paul Siah COMMENT One popular tune for politicians to sing these days is for the antion to be rid of the death penalty. You know, death is such an ugly and eerie word in the first place, so why … Continue reading

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The al-Bukhary story

By CT Ali An embarrassment of business opportunities, political patronage and debts. The Syed Mokhtar al Bukhary story. COMMENT Syed Mokhtar al Bukhary is like a king? First it was FLOM and now it is SMIK? (Syed Mokhtar is King).What … Continue reading

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Why is it so difficult to give up a seat?

By Athi Shankar As a socialist party, the DAP must be just and fair to all and not favour a handful to contest in two seats as a safety net. PETALING JAYA: Two more DAP grassroots leaders here have rallied … Continue reading

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Why PSM is hesitating to join Pakatan Rakyat

Dr Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj Bt Pathma Subramanaim PETALING JAYA (Oct 24): The opposition has often called on component parties and friendly associates to stay united in order to defeat the federal ruling political force since Malaysia’s independence in the next … Continue reading

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Happy Families? Taib Gets A Public Kicking From Ragad!

Sarawak Report Has Ragad now got the upper hand? Earlier this month, Friday 12th October, onlookers in the Wisma Bapa Malaysia in Kuching were treated to an astonishing scene. The elderly Chief Minister, Taib Mahmud and his very young wife … Continue reading

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People of Malaysia vs Dr Mahathir Mohamad

By Navin-Chandra Naidu COMMENT Suing Dr Mahathir Mohamad is impossible, unthinkable, undesirable, unwise, or difficult? I pose this riddle because I know I do not know the answer to it. I have been advocating this for quite some time, but … Continue reading

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‘RM40m scandal may see BN lose Sabah’

Raja Petra also claims that more are involved in the RM40 million scandal – including the home minister, attorney-general and a Cabinet minister. PETALING JAYA: Timber scandals in Sabah, particularly the recent one involving a RM40 million “donation”, may cost … Continue reading

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BR1M – Betrayal Rakyat 1M’sia

By Mariam Mokhtar Without any surgical instruments, former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad has managed to create the Malay master-race. Dr Josef Mengele, the Nazi ‘Angel of Death’, would have been proud of him. Mengele is best remembered for his work … Continue reading

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