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Kit Siang questions foul play among judges

By FMT Reporters KUALA LUMPUR: Questionable dealings among judges were aired after a former judge resurrected a controversial 1995 dispute over company shares, prompting the DAP’s Lim Kit Siang to demand an explanation from the chief justice, Ariffin Zakaria. Lim … Continue reading

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PM must clarify report about his wealth

By FMT Reporters PETALING JAYA: DAP strongman Lim Kit Siang today demanded that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak clarify a statement given to the New York Times (NYT) about the sources of his wealth. He said Najib must not remain … Continue reading

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How should a woman’s body be?

       by Mariam Mokhtar COMMENT: It is easy to conceal one’s insecurities; but it takes great courage to reveal some deep-seated fear and a very brave man to lay bare his soul, especially in a public confession. Lecturer and … Continue reading

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Brothers’ stand indicate rift in Najib’s family?

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is not only facing pressure from his political opponents both within and outside of Umno. Things may not be so rosy on the family front as well. Adding fuel into this cauldron of speculation was … Continue reading

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Anwar is right to appeal for clemency

By Stephen Ng COMMENT I was one of the first few who suggested that Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim should appeal for a royal pardon. When Anwar decided strongly against it in Malaysiakini, I was both saddened and disappointed, but I … Continue reading

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Umno leader: What next, rapists seeking pardon?

Seeking a royal pardon for Anwar Ibrahim with regard to his Sodomy II conviction and five-year jail sentence has tainted the Malaysian justice system, said an Umno leader. “How can a peliwat (sodomite) request for a pardon?” asked Puad Zarkashi. … Continue reading

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Ahmad Maslan snipped over Rosmah’s hairdo

A PKR lawmaker has taken Deputy Finance Minister Ahmad Maslan to task for being more interested in Rosmah Mansor’s hairdo as opposed to more pressing concerns of the people. This is after Ahmad Maslan vowed to look into the prime … Continue reading

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Anwar’s family files for royal pardon

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s family has filed a petition seeking a royal pardon on his conviction for sodomy, hours before the expiry of the deadline to do so. “An appeal for a royal pardon has been submitted. The courts may … Continue reading

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Critics tear their hair over Malaysia PM’s wife

24 Feb 2015 AFP: The wife of Malaysia’s prime minister, who is widely mocked over reports of her taste for luxury, drew fresh scorn on Tuesday after she complained about the rising cost of house calls from hairdressers and tailors. … Continue reading

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Prosecuting lawyer by day, pornographer by night

By Mariam Mokhtar Sex education is not available in our schools despite the baby dumping and teenage pregnancies, but last week, teachers, parents and students were horrified. In an unprecedented move, an Umno Baru lawyer took the initiative to introduce … Continue reading

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