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DAP: Najib should drop Zahid from cabinet

DAP national vice-chairperson Teresa Kok today called on Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to either drop Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi from the cabinet, or at least change the latter’s portfolio, labeling Ahmad Zahid as the most “unsuitable home minister … Continue reading

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Attacker rips out man’s heart and bites it

An argument over a bowl of noodles ended up with the most gruesome of murders. A 39-year-old boat owner with the surname Ma spotted a 40-year-old fisherman enjoying a bowl of noodles for breakfast on Wednesday (June 25) at a shop … Continue reading

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Suicide is against the teachings of Islam, says Dr Mahathir

There are many who worship Mahathir and there are also those who loath him. For me, I worship no political leader but I have to say here that at times, Mahathir does talk sense. This is one such time. – … Continue reading

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Woman raped by Bangladeshi wants justice

By M Kumar KUALA LUMPUR: A mentally challenged woman was raped twice by a Bangladeshi worker after she was forced by her employer to share a room with him. The 22-year-old woman from Tanjung Karang needed a place to stay … Continue reading

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Gerakan slams Zahid for condoning cow-head attack

VIDEO | 0:34sec Gerakan has hit out at Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi for failing to appreciate the sensitivities of Hindus in saying the cow’s head attack on Seri Delima rep this morning was deserved. The party’s legal and human … Continue reading

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What civilised gov’t deprives mother of child?

COMMENT I read with great disappointment and grief the decision of the attorney-general (AG) to intervene in the family proceedings between Pathmanathan Krishnan and I as well as the decision by the inspector-general of police (IGP, below) not to arrest … Continue reading

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Of marriage and virginity in Land of the Rising Sun and Bolehland

      Lokman Mustafa QUICK TAKE: While we Asians may believe that we have become a modern society with our latest gadgets and face-paced lifestyle, the fact remains that many of us are still adherents of values passed on … Continue reading

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You have fought the good fight, Wong Ho Leng

I pen this tribute to our dear friend, Ho Leng, just as he was laid to rest in Sibu on June 24. This is how I remember him. You have done well, Ho Leng. Now, RIP. – fs     … Continue reading

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How expensive is Najib’s team? RM10mil a year

ANALYSIS With the announcement made by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak regarding additions to his cabinet today, questions arise about its ‘bloated’ nature. For a country with a population of 30 million, Najib’s additions means that we now have 35 … Continue reading

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Malaysia finally hits lowest rung of US’ human trafficking report

       V Shuman COMMENT: Yes, Malaysia has finally made it, but wait, there is absolutely no reason to celebrate. We have been downgraded to the lowest rung in the United States’ annual human trafficking report, something we had … Continue reading

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