Nude pics of China’s sexiest blogger leaked

A series of nude and sexy photographs of a popular Chinese blogger has been leaked onto the Internet.

The pictures of Yan Hua Meimei (Fireworks Sister) were first posted online by netizens earlier this year.

Very soon, they were circulating like wildfire.

The blogger, Yan Hua Meimei, whose real name remains a secret, re-posted them on her weibo.

She even challenged those who leaked the photos, saying: “Whoever still has such photos, post them, I will forward them.”

“You all can’t X me, can’t I be X?” she wrote.

The 29-year-old also said that she has the right to love and have sex.

“This is my private life, it has got nothing to do with my personality and social status,” she said.

Later, the blogger posted a nude photo of herself on weibo but the nipples were censored, saying that she would put up the uncensored one if the post was forwarded 5,000 times.

So far, there is no sign of the uncensored picture.

Yan Hua Meimei, a white collar worker in Chengdu, gained popularity while supporting her football idol, Sun Xiang, during the 2006 FIFA World Cup qualifying rounds.

“I will post an equal number of my sexy photos as many times as Sun Xiang (of China PR national football team) plays,” she wrote on her blog.

Since then, she has been called “The woman who will strip for Sun Xiang”.

On March 2007, her name was searched more than 6,000 times a day on Baidu, overtaking all the popular celebrities in China. – The Daily Chilli

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